Improve service delivery and reduce your costs by upgrading your fleet

Latitude Fleet Services has considerable experience in the Public Sector environment having developed upgrade solutions for a number of municipalities and metros.

Our focus is on providing a range of fleet solutions to enable our clients to reduce operating costs, improve operating efficiency and to create an efficient fleet management infrastructure.

Specifically our services include the development and implementation of upgrade strategies, fleet policies, financial planning, replacement planning, the reduction of fuel and maintenance costs, information technologies, telematics systems and utilisation management.

Additionally, we are able to undertake viability studies for in-house workshops, risk management studies, tender management services and the daily management of established fleet services suppliers.

We are recognised as a leading fleet management consultancy, with actual experience in running large fleets and acknowledged operational and financial expertise in the implementation of practical fleet management solutions.

Achieve this by applying this recommended process:


  • Financing methods
  • Vehicle standardisation and procurement
  • Licensing and Fines management
  • Vehicle Disposal
  • Maintenance management
  • Fuel management
  • Utilisation management - Tracking & Security
  • Insurance and Accident management
  • Replacement Vehicles
  • Fleet Information systems and reporting

Including replacement policy development and planning

  • Inspect the whole fleet to establish condition and usage
  • Establish the fleet’s “fit for purpose”
  • Identify the balance of useful life
  • Finalise the fleet register
  • Apply vehicle replacement and fleet standardisation policy
  • Identify correct vehicle quantities – “right size the fleet”
  • Develop the replacement programe
  • Develop CAPEX and OPEX forecasting model
  • Initiate procurement process
  • Complete feasibility studies
  • Prepare and publish tenders
  • Evaluate, adjudicate and award tender
  • Implement the identified Fleet Solution

Latitude Fleet Services has the experience and expertise to assist you in identifying and implementing cost effective solutions for your Public Sector fleet

Our Fleet Consultancy Services

  • Fleet management strategy development
  • Funding methods
  • Vehicle standardisation, specification and replacement policy
  • Vehicle acquisition and disposal
  • Operating cost management – fuel, maintenance and accident management
  • Vehicle tracking (telematics) and security
  • Fleet management information systems
  • Utilisation management
  • Fleet policy
  • Company car and car allowance policies
  • Fuel management solutions
  • Maintenance Management solutions
  • Accident management solutions
  • Vehicle utilisation including Telematics

Including replacement policy development and planning

  • Condition evaluation
  • Replacement planning
  • Capex and Opex cost modelling
  • Evaluation and viability studies of existing internal workshops
  • Identification and evaluation of alternative suppliers
  • The identification and evaluation of service suppliers
  • Tender management services
  • Commercial and Service Level Agreements
  • The management of FML and Operating Lease contracts
  • Restructures and extensions
  • Terminations, excess Kms and make good charges

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