Can a Fleet Audit benefit our company

Not as easy as it sounds, difficult if you have a large fleet, but certainly an absolute necessity which will lay the foundation for a well-managed fleet.

A fleet audit has 2 key objectives;

  • Firstly, the creation of an accurate and informative fleet register, and
  • Secondly, a review of fleet structure, processes, cost management, strategy and policies.

A well-structured fleet register will facilitate the right sizing of the fleet in terms of fleet size and mix, utilisation management, replacement planning and CAPEX and OPEX forecasting.

The vehicle audit will identify;

  • A detailed list by Reg number, make, model, year model and last known Kms.
  • Vehicle Condition; on road, out of service, accident damage, awaiting sale, sold and managed (e.g. allowance vehicles where the organisation pays for fuel)
  • User departments and /or allocated driver

The second aspect of the Fleet Audit will concentrate on processes, cost management, policies and strategy.

  • Operational reviews – Fuel, maintenance, accident and telematics management 
  • Funding reviews – replacement policy, vehicle selection and funding methods
  • Risk assessment – Driver safety, accident reviews and policies.
  • Policy reviews – Fleet, replacement, vehicle selection, safety, insurance

The Fleet Audit including both vehicle and operational review will provide the foundation for a well-managed fleet where reducing fleet costs and improving operational efficiency become your strategic objective.

Latitude Fleet Services is able to provide an initial fleet audit which will include a best practice comparison and report as a 2 day service for a fixed cost of R4000 ex VAT.

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