Recognised as a leading fleet management consultant, Nigel Webb will in this series of articles introduce you to the best practices of Fleet Management.

We’ll explore the most basic of needs of a Fleet Register, managing the big data of fuel and utilisation management and the more complex issues of Capex and Opex forecasting.

Apply these tips and you are guaranteed to reduce you fleet costs and improve operating efficiency.

Best Practice Tips.


An Asset Register is not a Fleet Register.


Completing a Fleet Audit


Right Sizing the Fleet


Vehicle Selection


Total Cost of Ownership - TCO


Vehicle Finance Methods


Replacement Planning – CAPEX and OPEX


Should you consider outsourcing


Outsourcing – FML and Telematics




Supplier Selection & Agreements


Vehicle Disposal and Resale


Fleet Management Information Systems (FMIS)




Fuel Management


Maintenance Management


Accident Management


In-house Workshops




Fleet Budgets

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